The Difference We Make

I love children’s books.  And The Farmer by Mark Ludy is one of my favorites. I bought it when my oldest was three, and every time I read it I cry. But you have to consider that I’m a crier. At least according to my husband and my boys, I am.IMG_6469

The Farmer is about a farmer who trust in the Lord to provide. And he thanks him when good things happen to him, and when destruction comes his way. And he loves his neighbors, The Frumps, even when they are not so loveable.

I catch myself picking up this book to read it when those times of discouragement come in my life to remind me of how I should handle those times. I admit I don’t always want to be thankful or forgiving, but I find when I am, circumstances turn around much sooner. And I don’t find myself in the middle of a pity party.

I want to be grateful in all circumstances.  I love having the good times, but I always grow more in the difficult times.

I am thankful for Mark Ludy for writing such a beautiful book of how we should handle all the different situations in our lives. IMG_6471

The way he loved and cared  for his animals is what captivated me from the start. Mr. Ludy definitely pulled at my heart strings from the beginning with the  farmer’s love for his animals, the impossible circumstances that the farmer finds himself in, and then the way that he overcomes each circumstance.

I got it out last night because I needed a reminder to be thankful in all circumstances. Maybe somebody out there needs to hear that today. Our circumstances are temporary. I want to be thankful in all circumstances.

I didn’t know twelve years ago when I bought The Farmer that it would be such a comfort to me. I bought it as just a book for my little boy. We never know how our life might impact someone else. Just like this little book has impacted mine.


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