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“Cold Turkey”the Sugar

I’ve been four days without any added sugar. The first three days, I had a terrible headache, and although I know a cupcake is tempting for most. Sweets are not so much my temptation.



For me, my temptation, is bread and pasta


and terrible soft drinks. I have to say on day four I feel much better.  The only side effect I have today is coughing and my sinuses are acting up (I’ve cut out most dairy products too). I’ve been thinking a lot about my health and turning 42 this year. So, I’ve decided to eat better.

I haven’t got my boys on the no sugar band wagon yet, which makes it ten times harder when there are all kinds of sugar-induced snacks lingering in my kitchen cabinets.

Have any of you cut sugar cold turkey? And if so, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!


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